Battery Manager Saver

платные приложение прямая загрузка
версия: 1.7.4
последнее обновление: August 16th, 2017
требование: 2.3 +




как установить этот apk:

1- загрузить apk сверху
2- установите и запустите
3- наслаждайтесь!


The most beautiful and powerful battery manager for android! Include battery monitor and battery saver. You are able to monitor the battery information and save energy at the same time. Battery manager provides many types of tools.
Display the battery and temperature curve. Monitor the condition of the battery, including :. Health, diet, tension, level
Extends battery life and optimization device settings. You can select “LONG LIFE MODE” or “CUSTOM ECONOMY MODE”.
Battery manager will trigger an alarm when the temperature of cpu or battery is on fire, you can choose to open or close the overheating alarm as your taste.

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