Secret High 4 Love Triangle Unlocked

модифицированные игры прямая загрузка
версия: 1.1
последнее обновление: August 20th, 2017
требование: 4.0.3 +




как установить этот apk:

1- загрузить apk сверху
2- установите и запустите
3- наслаждайтесь!


“Bella Olsen’s best friend Ashley has stolen her boyfriend Spencer a year ago, and she thought it was the most terrible thing that could happen to her .
Although this is not the case. Later, she encountered a horrible car accident, and she ended up becoming a vampire! She talked to Zac, a new student in her class and discovered that he is also a vampire.
+ Say your own special protection ring to let you in the sunlight.
+ Get ready for school! You will meet Zac in class.
+ Give yourself a head+up makeup, a DIY lipstick and an eye shadow.
+ Choose from tons of stylish makeup items.
+ The time to go to class! But Zac robs you of all your attention.

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