Survival Prison Escape v2 Free Action Game Unlocked

модифицированные игры прямая загрузка
версия: 1.0.7
последнее обновление: August 20th, 2017
требование: 2.3 +



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1- загрузить apk сверху
2- установите и запустите
3- наслаждайтесь!


Plan your escape and get out of jail in this survival survival survival war game. Escape from an immersive 3D prison in this free escape game in jail. With many levels and missions with different tasks and objectives to achieve in a vast 3D prison environment, this game will make you fall in love with the kind of survival of stealth action.
In this game you play the role of a special agent who, during a mission, has been captured by enemy forces. As a secret agent, you were on a special secret mission, serving your country as a true hero, but unfortunately the enemy forces managed to capture you and put you in jail. A maximum security prison like Alcatraz.
+ Vast 3D prison environment
+ Many missions filled with action
+ Stealth mode and moves like throwing rocks and making noises to engage enemies
+ A Difficult Game
+ Stealth as well as firing action in a single game
+ Side effects

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