AutomateIt Pro Easy task automation for Android

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Version: 4.0.227
Last Update: August 29th, 2017
Requirment: 2.3 +




How install this APK:

1- Download the APK from above
2- Install it and run
3- Enjoy !


Automatelt is designed to make your life easier by automating different functions on your Android smartphone or tablet.
Automatelt Pro has all the advantages of the free version and it is a version that contains neither advertising nor pop-up window but has impressive and advanced features (all the elements that were locked in the free version are unlocked on Automatelt Pro )
+ Composite triggers – use more than one trigger for each rule and / or logic between these triggers.
+ Composite Action – Perform multiple actions following a single trigger (which may be a composite trigger)
+ Active Rule Period – Set an active period for each rule. This is really useful if you want a rule to be active only during the day, weekend, just an hour a day, etc.

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