Mars Mars Unlimited Money

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آخر التحديثات: August 30th, 2017
المتطلبات: 4.0.3 +




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1- قم بتحميل تطبيق الـ APK من الأعلى
2- قم بتثبيت التطبيق وتشغيله
3- استمتع !


MarsCorp is about to send the first group of volunteers for a hectic Mars mission! Explore the red planet with your state+of+the+art powered combination and discover the secrets it contains.
MarsCorps is proud to be the first agency in the world to cut costs enough to send humans to Mars thanks to the Mars Direction campaign!
+ Explore Mars using your thruster combination.
+ Take legendary selfies on Mars.
+ Avoid unscheduled express disassembly.
+ Have fun !

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