1942 Pacific Front Unlimited Money

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Version: 1.7.0
Last Update: September 11th, 2017
Requirment: 4.0.3 +



How install this APK:

1- Download the APK from above
2- Install it and run
3- Enjoy !


The battle continues after “1941 Frozen Front” – and this time, with naval combat! Join the Navy and fight to win the battle of your life!
Choose the right tactics and use your commandos to defeat the enemy! Lead the US army during their campaign or command the Japanese forces on mission!
+ Turn-based strategy and action during the Second World War
+ Exciting campaigns and daunting missions
+ Historical Japanese and American units
+ Infantry, artillery, tanks, airplanes, battleships and submarines for both factions
+ Repairs, camouflage and fortification of units during combat

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