Ristar Unlocked

ألعاب معدلة تحميل مباشر
الاصدار: 1.1.0
آخر التحديثات: September 11th, 2017
المتطلبات: 4.4 +




كيفية تثبيت هذا التطبيق:

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2- قم بتثبيت التطبيق وتشغيله
3- استمتع !


Cross the galaxy of the classic SEGA deck game called Ristar, now available on mobile. Play for free and rediscover this pearl signed SEGA!
The galactic tyrant Kaiser Greedy has enslaved the stellar system of Valdi. The leaders of every planet have undergone a brainwashing, and only Ristar, whom you incarnate, can free them.
+ Six planets to be saved, at the four corners of the galaxy.
+ Use stretch arms to break, grab and attack Greedy’s minions
+ Fight against unique bosses on the six planets
+ Catch enemies to destroy them or use them to rotate over a level
+ Perform “shooting stars” attacks to kill multiple enemies at once!

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