Sword and Magic

ألعاب معدلة تحميل مباشر
الاصدار: 2.1.0
آخر التحديثات: September 11th, 2017
المتطلبات: 2.3 +




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Meet the ultimate mobile MMORPG that is the first in Korea, Taiwan and China.
The theme in a European style. With the fun game At the age of swords and magic attracting you to discover yourself.
+ Thanks to open world realistic feel free to play. No limiting grounds Or force the body alone.
+ Discover active combat in real time in battle to control a character on a simple switch. The fight against these monsters at any time.
+ The arm wrestling of the Boss world giants with your friends. To deposit super+item beings.
+ The couple who feel and intimacy can occur even in a world of sword and magic.
+ Exchange and auction system allows trading players to negotiate items in the game as well.

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