Blackies Mod

ألعاب معدلة تحميل مباشر
الاصدار: 3.0.5
آخر التحديثات: August 2end, 2018
المتطلبات: 4.1 +




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Beyond the worldliness of our world live small furry creatures called Blackies. They never give and always strive better themselves. They appreciate logical thinking and intelligence above all things.
The Blackies can always find a place in their lives for a good headache. In a sense, the life of the Blackies is a headache. No matter what they might think of, no matter what fantastically they might be doing, they always adhere scrupulously to the rules of their game:
And every time they start a game, the Blackies start jumping on top of each other, each hoping to be the one that will stay on the square with the flag.

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