Aquatic Addon MCPE

Aquatic Addon MCPE

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Version: 1.0
Last Update: June 2nd, 2018
Requirement: 4.0 +




How install this APK:

1- Download the APK from above
2- Install it and run
3- Enjoy !


This add-on includes the mob and blocks which are expected to be released in the Aquatic Update. The designs for this add-on are concepts and should not be seen as official. However, they should be somewhat similar seeing as they are based on teaser screenshots provided by Mojang. The new features include things like corals, dolphins, fish entities, turtles and more!

How does it work?

This add-on replaces both blocks (such as wool for coral) and entities (such as shulkers for kelp). These are just concepts and are likely to look different in the official update by Minecraft.

Kelp: Kelp is the name of the mob which can be used for spawning spawn a wide variety of underwater ocean plants. Make sure to aim straight down at the ground to spawn them as otherwise there is a risk it won’t spawn as intended.

Dolphin: The Dolphin is a new mob which can be spawned underwater by the use of a spawn egg or by using the /summon command.

Trident: The trident is a throwable weapon which increases your attack damage by 5 and will also deal some damage to the mob it hits and then return to you. Make sure that you aren’t moving when it’s coming back as it’s a bit glitchy.

The Trident works best in survival mode!

Turtle: A turtle prefer water over land. If it’s on land for too long then it will eventually die. Turtles can be tamed with fish. You can’t make them follow you in any other way than leashing them.

Turtles drop turtle eggs every 5 to 10 minutes. If it’s on land they will drop it on land and if it’s in water then it will drop in water and float to the surface. The egg takes 180 to 360 seconds to hatch. You’ll know it’s about to hatch as soon as the egg starts shaking.

Turtle Armor: The chainmail armor set has been replaced by a turtle armor. The turtle armor items are dropped by turtles if you kill them.

The only known item which will likely be in The Update Aquatic is the Turtle Shell Helmet. Any of the other items introduced by this add-on are just pure speculation.

Coral: The underwater environment will be revamped with corals. The blocks in this add-on are based on teaser screenshots provided by Minecraft. It’s supposed to make the aquatic terrain more interesting to explore. This add-on makes it replace all the wool, so this means it will be in total 16 different colors.

Fish: Some ordinary land mobs have been replaced by fish which are new entities you can use spawn eggs to spawn underwater.

Here’s a screenshot of a salmon (replaces Elder Guardian). There is currently no way to disable the Mining fatigue effect sometimes caused by this fish. This is simply due to a restriction with add-ons.

The Monster of the Ocean Depths: This mob is a replacement for the squids. (It didn’t make it into the update.)

Mrs. Puff: This is actually a pufferfish with a few unique different behaviors. For example, if you get close to it then it will start inflating inflate but if you go further away from it then it will deflate. Make sure you’re in survival mode, or else this won’t happen. (Replaces Zombie Pigman)

The Great Hunger: A mob which is constantly hungry (and hostile)? (It didn’t make it into the update.) You won’t see it if you try to spawn it in creative mode as it will quickly turn invisible. Switch to survival mode and it will quickly start attacking you.

The Hovering Inferno: A pretty cool (most likely) Nether creature which didn’t make it into the update.

The Phantom: This is Mob B and also the one which got the most votes during Minecon which means it will be the next mob added to Minecraft. Remember, this addon is just a concept so it will most likely look different from what you see on the image.
The Update Aquatic Addon MCPE
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