Birthday - fun children’s holiday

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Last Update: May 10th, 2018
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Our children’s developing games supplemented with another fun and exciting game for kids - "Birthday - a fun children’s holiday."

Most of all we love to celebrate our birthday. And so today in our house there will be a very big and noisy party. We are waiting for many gifts, joys and fun, congratulations and a huge festive cake with candles.

But in order to celebrate friends with a fun birthday you will need to work a little and prepare well. In order to make our children’s holiday memorable, we will need to come up with interesting contests, make a room for birthday - we make and hang multicolored garlands, festive inscriptions with congratulations and various decorations, colorful balls, and most importantly - bake and decorate with fruits and other sweet ornaments our festive children’s cake. But in order to bake a big cake for the holiday you will need to try hard and work hard.

Well, it’s time to celebrate, receive gifts and eat our wonderful holiday cake. Quickly blow out the candles and make a wish.

Happy Birthday Baby !!!

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