Voice Notes (No Ads)

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Version: 3.58 pro
Last Update: January 15th, 2019
Requirment: 4.0 +

How install this APK:

1- Download the APK from above
2- Install it and run
3- Enjoy !


* Just one payment, no extra monthly fee!

* If you have used free version before, all the entered data will remain in this paid version.

* After this paid version installed, please launch the new app icon with "No Ads"

* Paid version unique features:

Remove Ads

Unlimited to use [Set reminder time when adding notes] and the Alarm button


- Only one touch needed.

It can continuously receive your speech and convert to text. Note down and remind you later at the time you set.

- Integrated with your Android calendars, you need not maintain another one.

- Automatically save your notes in a storage file, and easily to back up cloud.

- Support to create notes by projects or categories.

- Also easy to share voice-to-text to friends.

- It can work when the phone screen is turned off.

With the Recite option, you can make sure the notes are correctly recorded.

-Support headset button to control Start/Stop voice recognition.

-Supported speech recognition 119 languages.

-Supported 20 user interface languages (including English)

- Simple user interface. Just press the microphone button and speak to take note!


- Google voice search (Google App) v6.15.24.21 or later is required as a speech to text engine. Most devices have it pre-installed. If your devices do not install it, This app will guide you to install.


Permissions Notice:

This app may ask for permission to access the following features

• Microphone for speech recognition

• External storage for saving notes file

• Calendar for adding reminder event


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If you need, you can try this free version:

Sometime not convenient to write notes?Just speak! auto keep note & remind you!
New => - New feature: Alarm button to set reminder with selected text.

- New feature: Support to new a note file and open old note files (Used to create notes by projects or categories.)

- New option: The microphone can be set to float anywhere (Some people like to use cell phone by just one hand)

- New option: Time stamp can be set to show only once in a microphone-on

- Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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