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Version: 1.42.0
Last Update: November 29th, 2018
Requirment: 4.1 +





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Try out this fun game, suitable for the entire family to play along!

Ready to have a blast while cooking fun meals for your friends? Then download the COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook app and start enjoying this fun game, which you can play with your family and which will keep you entertained for hours to come!

This game will make you fall in love with cooking thanks to its incredibly intuitive controls that were designed to make this experience even more fun and tasty. Some of the features include the ability to chop, bake and stew your meals so you are sure you prepare the most delicious food ever.

You will take part on mini food games, where you will have to complete challenges and different recipes so you become the ultimate Chef! Other feature includes working on a restaurant where you will have the mission to serve the best dishes to your guests and offer them the best meals by mixing ingredientes and preparing delicious food.

If you don’t want to be cooking all the time, COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook also comes with some games that don’t require cooking skills. You can play games such as ‘Help out’ or ‘Play Shopkeeper’ which will provide you incredible fun. Ready to start cooking? Then download COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook now and perfect your recipes!
A family-friendly cooking game loved worldwide!
New => New: All-seasons Bundle!

24 Seasonal Recipes!

Fixed certain bugs.

Made balance adjustments.

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