Garbage Truck - City Trash Cleaning Simulator

Garbage Truck - City Trash Cleaning Simulator

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Version: 3.0
Last Update: November 6th, 2018
Requirement: 4.1 +

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2- Install it and run
3- Enjoy !


Garbage Truck and City Trash Cleaning Simulator is a fun garbage dump truck driving simulator where your job is to clean up the streets by collecting all the trash. Pick up garbage waste from streets, load up the trash truck, locate the trash dump on map and deliver the trash to garbage processing & recycling plant.

Get ready to sit behind the wheel of a garbage truck! Drive your garbage trucks around the city, following your route and collect as many garbage containers as possible.


- Classic mode: Collect the maximum numbers of garbage containers in the shortest possible time. Once you’ve picked up a garbage container locate the next on the map. Get coins while collecting trash.

-Checkpoint mode: is the time trial mode, there are 4 different routes with 6 checkpoints each route. Find the best route to pick up all the trash before the time runs out.


- Lots of garbage trucks to unlock.

- Two challenging game modes.

- Realistic garbage truck vehicles with steering wheel and gear.

- Use steer button to turn left/right and test your truck driving skills.

- Realistic animation for collecting garbage container and dump the rubbish on the truck.

- Realistic traffic system.

- Amazing trash truck sound effects.

If you are a fan of driving, racing, and parking simulator games download now for free " Garbage Truck and City Trash Cleaning Simulator " the best game to be a dump garbage truck driver. Learn how to clean a city and maintain healthy and hygienic environment.
Garbage Truck - City Trash Cleaning Simulator
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