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- Recommended to Compatibility "Setup.exe" with Windows 7

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The Minimum Requirement:

OS: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Processor: Pentium III 1.0 GHz or better

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Graphics: 800x600 resolution or higher | Older Integrated Graphics may not function properly

Storage: 80 MB available space

Game Story:

Enjoy this fan-made dungeon crawler crossover between old-school boardgames like Heroquest, Warhammer Quests and good oldies like Diablo I and DungeonMaster.

Wander evil-packed dungeons and battle golems, demons and other soul-less creatures with dozen of hours of gameplay through many campaigns, heroes, a plethora of weapons, armors, potions and magic spells at your disposal.

Game Trailer:

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