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Game Story:

On the other side of the darkness are secrets that can not be revealed, secrets that are lost in the centuries, and memories from which there is nowhere to be found salvation. Other gods do not sleep, their herald is already there, and the wolves whisper your name in the dark. Help Detective Loreid avoid the embrace of the demonic servants of Azathoth! In the wrong light of the lamp, you will see something, and you will be horrified, and you will find out what was hidden until the time when the human foot had not yet set foot. This disturbing and frightening adventure game was created according to the works of GF Lovecraft - the recognized genius of the dark side of world literature, the author of many stories and stories in the horror genre. The images that he created, come to life before your eyes - you will meet the insidious and cruel Nyarlatotep, encounter with monstrous Shoggoth and challenge other creatures, awakened from an infinitely long sleep.
Features: Continuation of the popular quest based on the stories of GF Lovecraft. A lot of gloomy locations, frightening characters and scary stories. Stunning puzzles and puzzles of three difficulty levels. Impressive atmosphere of hopeless fear and despair.

Game Trailer:

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