Windows 7/8/10 x64
August 22th, 2018

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طريقة التفعيل باستخدام الكراك:

Crack 1:
1- Create an Adobe Account on Adobe.com
2- Clean-up your HOST file : erase all adobe host
3- Disconnect your internet connection
4- Launch Tasks Manager of Windows and Kill all process of Adobe like : « Creative cloud », « CC Library », « Core Sync », « Adobe IPC Broker ». In Services Tab, stop Adobe Services too
5- Launch Adobe application (Photoshop for example). You obtain un error message that indicate it necessary to have a internet connection to activate Cloud License. and click on button « Connect Later »
6- In the next window, click on button « Activate License of this software »
7- Now you can enter a serial : use the old good XForce CC 2015 Keygen ! Stay it open !
8- After Photoshop launched a Adobe window appear to promt you activate application (if not, try to , create a new document or quit and relaunch Photoshop)
9- Click on « Internet connection problems »
10- Click on button « Offline Activation !
11- Clic on button « Generate Request Code »
12- Copy/Paste your Request Code into XForce CC 2015 Keygen and click on Activation Code Button of Keygen to Obtain your Offline Activativation Code then Paste it in the empty field !! Then Click « Activate » button and ENJOY :D
13- Repeat this steps for all updated Adobe CC 2016 Applications (Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Muse, Animate ..etc)

Crack 2:
1. Install the Adobe software using the trial setup, the cloud account install or just use the offline setup.
2. Run the patch, select the required software from the list according to the installed version (you can use 2017 if installed 2018) and apply the patch.
If you get an error message then correct the destination file path in case you have installed it in non-default folder.
3. Enjoy!

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