windows 7/8/10 x64
September 6th, 2017

- Prefered To Disconnect Internet When Apply Crack
- Recommended To Stop Antivirus When Apply Crack
- The Crack NOT VIRUS, If you don't trust us ,don't download from us:-)

>>We Are humans and we may make mistakes, please report if there is an error.<<

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How install the crack:

0: in Windows go to Control Panel>Add/Remove programm > Add Windows component
install IIS and Message Quering
install MS Office (Excel ...)
install all update for Windows

1. Mount PCS_7_V90_DVD1.ISO to virtual drive (UltraISO)
2. Run Setup.exe
3. Select components
4. See progress and click to buttons...
5. Restart Windows by request
6. after request mount PCS_7_V90_DVD2.ISO to virtual drive (UltraISO) and continue
7. install keys
8. To install Key correctly see this video:

if you use notgood Windows - possible problems after installation of MS update KB***.
goto Control Panel>Add/Remove programm > Add Windows component and remove installed KB***

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