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Do you want the best

by expert teachers and taught by delightful animated characters? We are creating the

on your phone with

your preschooler or toddler needs to learn along with their favorite rhymes!

after playing our vocabulary games for kids while

by playing our kids number games. All this while children had fun!

Co-created with early-learning educators with 22+ years of experience, we constantly add new kids games as well as rhymes and stories to help your child keep growing. Try it and fall in love!

covering the foundational knowledge a toddler or preschooler needs including topics like -

– This fun game for toddlers teaches them all the basic phonics with each level having a different phonic sound.

– Game for preschoolers and primary school children to help them practice the spellings of the most common 1000 words in the English language.

– Jump from side to side to hit the right number in this frantic kids game to help preschoolers learn about odd and even numbers!

– Zap the wrong numbers in this exciting game for children to learn addition and subtraction!

– Our take on the classic kids game, Snake, to help children do skip counting.

– Meet Mr. Brown and his family in this adorable children’s game to learn about colors!

– In this game for toddlers, match fruits and veggies and learn what each one of them is useful for.

– Connect the dots in this charming kids game to learn about different types of vehicles while practicing counting.

– Frantic whack-a-mole type kids game to help toddlers distinguish between different shapes!

– Fly around and catch the right balloons in this game for preschoolers to learn about nouns, verbs & adjectives.

– Designed to help children learn the place value of numbers, in this game kids play a bank teller helping customers withdraw their money.

– Kids can play along to their favorite rhymes in Gigi’s Piano game and get an understanding of different musical notes!

– Recognize the right helpers for the different problems in this delightful game where toddlers and preschoolers can learn about various professions.

– A fast-paced running game where kids have to eat the healthy food and avoid unhealthy food!

– Wonderful space game for children to discover the planets in our solar system!

– Toddlers will learn to identify flags of different countries after playing this lovely air hockey style kids game!

– Learn about farm animals and the names of their offspring in this fun maze game for children.

Try Super School today and meet a better childhood.


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